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Syria accepts the Arab League ‘peace proposal’

Syria has decided to accept an Arab League mission to observe the implementation of peace proposals aimed at ending violence.

A Syrian diplomatic source has told the BBC news about the decision, According to the the source, who wished to remain unnamed, said Damascus had already informed the League of the decision.

The source said a few modalities were being worked out, but “they were not designed to hinder the mission”.The League on Wednesday gave Syria three days to agree or face sanctions.

The Arab League formally suspended Syria on Wednesday.

The source told the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen that the Syrian government had sent the message to the Arab League on Thursday.

The political source said that Syrian acceptance was subject to some changes designed to protect what he called “the country’s sovereignty and dignity”.Officials do not want it to be called an observer mission, but say calling it an Arab League mission would be acceptable.

The changes, the source said, do not affect the spirit of the mission.He said “there are no tricks, we don’t want to hinder them. The ball is now in the court of the Arab League”.

The Syrians are suspicious of Saudi motives but they are prepared to play the diplomatic game, the source told the media source.

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